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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dictionary Definitions of Adorable

Raoul the Intrepid

Mortimer the Magnificent

The little boys are growing so quickly.    They still have their baby fur but now have lovely little round tummies, and they are very tame.  I change up the cage for them every few days, and have something different for them for free time every night.  This keeps them interested and their brains busy.

The socialization of these two has gone very quickly.  They are responding to our voices and have developed a keen love of massage!  They take after me I guess.  To have these two in my lap while reading or watching a movie is so nice.  They wake from their naps and explore a bit, then smooch my fingers, yawn, and tuck in for another snooze.

Their exercise sessions last week involved a laundry basket filled with a driftwood branch, boxes, strips of paper, old socks, and a few treats tucked here and there.  They had a blast digging through it all and chasing each other through the paper to get to the treats.

Raoul's method is to grab and stuff.  Mortimer gets his treat then scampers away to a corner, turns his back on his brother, then has a leisurely snack.  Mortimer is a dainty eater.  They had their first taste of frozen peas a few days ago and true to form, Raoul just sat right down and gorged.  Mort turned his pea around and around in his little hands, and peeled off the entire skin!  Then he ate the meat of the pea.  I swear he lifted his pinkies!  He has to be careful of Raoul because after Rao finishes his snack he tries to 'share' Mort's.  I use 'share' in the sense of ' take away from'.

It is really interesting to watch their brotherly dynamic.  The early evening wrestling matches are the best.  They put on quite a show with play squeaking, running, tumbling, pinning each other to the mat, and so forth.  It can go on for half an hour and is easily the best entertainment to be had during the news/game show portions of the evening!

I fail to understand why television producers haven't picked up on this.  A few shows featuring tame ratties would be a great improvement on the usual fare.  I'm not talking the "Hammy Hamster" type of program either.  I mean real ratties interacting and doing their thing.  Youtube has lots of great footage of people's pet rats doing agility, playing basketball, bowling, interacting with other animals and getting loved by their people.  Some slick production values and writing could turn out some winners I am certain.

I have whiled away a lot of happy moments watching.  Advertisers should be taking note.

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