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Monday, 16 May 2011

What Jean Luc Picard Said

"Make it so".  Since this whole blog thing is based on the fact that I am a person who makes stuff, I have devoted very little space to stuff I have made.

There is a good reason for that.  I didn't want to blather on without pictures and I couldn't seem to overcome my inertia to take some pictures.  Today I shrugged off the moorings and engaged the engines and that will about do it for the Trekkie references.

Although I usually have exhibited as a painter, I find that lately I have wanted to invent things in fiber, specifically in knitted goods.  Clothing, hats, preemie things, dolls, teddy garments, dressed up critters, and even some sweaters have been keeping me happily occupied.  All are of my own design or else they have begun as a pattern but my constitutional incapability of following instructions always ensures that I tweak and change things until the item undergoes a metamorphosis and becomes my very own.

First up are my best sellers, the Birbies.  A Birby is a flightless bird that has no wings or feet.  Birbies roll or are carried by their besotted companions.

A flock of Birbies

Next is a happy teddy with matching cardigan and hat, followed by a wardrobe of raglan sleeved pullovers.

 Sock yarn is great for critter clothing.
The pullovers cover Valentine's Day, Spooky moon for Halloween, potted flowers for spring, an autumn leaf, and a dressy red top with frilled lace trim.

Down we head to some of my favourites, the Flumps.  As yet they aren't named.  I just love making these and no two are ever alike although that can be said about everything that I make. 

Here are two well dressed girly frogs.  The frogs were purchased from Ikea but the clothing is designed by yours truly.

Last but not least for today is a plain muslin doll dressed up with a knitted wig, underpants, sweater, socks, shoes, felted satchel and teddy bear, and a hand-sewn skirt.
This is what keeps me from withering away with uselessness when the fibromyalgia symptoms of pain, depression, and exhaustion overwhelm me.  The creative spark is more necessary to me than vitamins! 

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