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I am a Compassionate Companion Of Christ. We are a tiny new order of men and women who pour themselves out in the service of others by walking with them in their difficult journeys. We companion anyone at all, anywhere, who are undergoing the suffering of illness, dying, bereavement, poverty, old age, or hunger. Our job is to see Christ in the suffering and to offer love, dignity, and help where possible in His name. We strive to let them know that they are children of God and that He is with them always regardless of external circumstances. How we do this is the purpose of this blog. Our symbol is the compass, the first part of the word "compassion" and the visible representation of our vocation to serve wherever and whoever we are called to serve.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Animals That Live in Our Hearts , Pt 1

There are a few creatures of the last fifteen years or so that have shared life and space with us and who still stay with us in spite of their physical absence.

First, there is Margaret aka 'The Moo', or ' The Mudskipper', who came into our lives through a series of incidents all designed to drive us crazy.  It is a long and sordid story, but the upshot is that we wound up with a little brown dog who had been found rummaging for trash in a fairground.  She wasn't expected to live, but live she did, and she was our treasure.  The Moo was a neurotic with easily pushed buttons but we loved her to pieces, and she loved us beyond all reason.  She would drop everything including food to get hugged and stroked.  Margaret was a love sponge and we did our best to keep her nicely drenched in it.  

The day she died as a result of kidney failure, was so hard that even now I have trouble looking squarely at it.  Every sadness for the twenty prior years came to head in that particular moment of her passing and I grieved to the bottom of my soul.  Margaret wasn't a just a dog.  Margaret was family that we loved and the hole she left will never be filled.

Margaret's last photo.

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