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I am a Compassionate Companion Of Christ. We are a tiny new order of men and women who pour themselves out in the service of others by walking with them in their difficult journeys. We companion anyone at all, anywhere, who are undergoing the suffering of illness, dying, bereavement, poverty, old age, or hunger. Our job is to see Christ in the suffering and to offer love, dignity, and help where possible in His name. We strive to let them know that they are children of God and that He is with them always regardless of external circumstances. How we do this is the purpose of this blog. Our symbol is the compass, the first part of the word "compassion" and the visible representation of our vocation to serve wherever and whoever we are called to serve.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Pictorial Definition of the word "Miracle"

Our one year old Godson, Alexander
This happy, charming little fellow will turn one tomorrow.  Ho hum you say?  Just another baby, you say?

NO, I say.

This wee man was born a couple of months ahead of time and weighed about the same as the average teacup chihuahua - about three pounds.  He had a hole in his intestine and had to be airlifted to a children's hospital in Ottawa for emergency surgery, after which he wore an ostomy bag until he was ten pounds, which took six months.

There was some concern that his eyesight and hearing were damaged and that he might show some signs of mental or physical incapacity as he aged.

Well, pshaw.  Alex is smart, sweet, strong as an ox, hears and sees perfectly well, and is an affectionate little boy.  Developmentally he is catching up to those born full term, and he shows no signs of slowing down.  This is a highly condensed version of his trials and victories but I doubt my fingers would stand up to typing the unabridged story!

There were a lot of prayers and petitions, hopes, crossed-fingers,  hard work and worry over this child for the first year of his life, but in November he was baptized, and this week are the celebrations of the first year of life for a well-loved boy.  His mother pointed out that more than a birthday party, we are celebrating a Life party.  She is right.

Happy birthday; happy life, little miracle boy, and all praise and glory to God for letting us know you and learn about patience, trust, faith, and acceptance.  It is a lot to be contained in such a tiny package, isn't it?  But contain it you have and do.  We love you.

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