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Friday, 29 April 2011

Wrong Again - but that s'okay.

So I was wayyyyyyyyy off on the wedding dress but isn't it great that I was wrong?  Kate looked like a dream and her homage to Princess Grace of Monaco was touching.  She brought back grace and a ladylike quality to wedding dresses.  I loved the skirt and the train, the lace, and the whole shmeer.  Maybe this will signal a return to some true style in wedding attire.  I am so very sick of the bustier dresses that I could scareeeeeeeeeeeeeeem.
Did you get a gander at the amazingly upright posture of Prince Phillip?  That man is going to be 90 years old in a bit.  Ninety!  The Queen is 85.  Prince Charles looks older than his dad and Camilla is a bit weatherbeaten herself although I must say it is nice to see Chuck and Camilla enjoying their marriage in their later years.  They waited a long time to marry the 'one'.  Still, I will always feel badly for Princess Diana, the young and naive virginal girl who married a Crown Prince and was woefully unprepared for it all.  She gave the world a sense of style, and two beautiful boys, one of whom married his true love today.  I think she is very happy for them and is blessing their marriage.

I am an unabashed monarchist.  The beauty and majesty of these occasions are a cause for pride and celebration.  It is good to be a member of the commonwealth.  I am proud to be a royal subject.

Blessings on William and Kate, and may Harry also find his heart's desire in a stable and loving marriage.

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