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I am a Compassionate Companion Of Christ. We are a tiny new order of men and women who pour themselves out in the service of others by walking with them in their difficult journeys. We companion anyone at all, anywhere, who are undergoing the suffering of illness, dying, bereavement, poverty, old age, or hunger. Our job is to see Christ in the suffering and to offer love, dignity, and help where possible in His name. We strive to let them know that they are children of God and that He is with them always regardless of external circumstances. How we do this is the purpose of this blog. Our symbol is the compass, the first part of the word "compassion" and the visible representation of our vocation to serve wherever and whoever we are called to serve.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Last One to Arrive

I'm usually punctual.  I am annoyingly on time.  When an invitation states that the party starts at eight PM, I arrive at about five to eight.  Inevitably, mine hosts are still in their bathrobes and racing about the house dusting the plants or drying out the canapes.  

Why say eight when they mean nine?  The explanation offered is that people are always late so they invite for an hour earlier, knowing that the guests will arrive an hour later.  This makes sense I suppose.  When I first moved to our idyllic city I was unnerved by how many ruined dinners I served because guests simply never showed up at the time specified.  Of course, this was offset by my rattling sense of punctuality.

So, considering this, why am I so late in starting a blog?

The short answer is that I'm too lazy to monitor it, babysit it, get it dressed, take it out for a walk, feed it, and all the other things that a new responsibility requires.  It would also take away from my preferred occupation of making stuff.  However, when I consider that a blog is yet another thing to make, it all falls into place.

I am now blogging because it is another way to create.  Lucky you.

I'm hoping to post experience, humour, and to provoke some thoughtfulness.  May you read long and prosper.

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