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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Of Royal Weddings and Sundry Items

It is Thursday, the day before the royal wedding which I do indeed plan to view, but in highlights.  There is no way I am getting up at 3 a.m. to listen to a bagful of talking heads bloviate about everything from the crowds to the dress to the height of Rowan Williams eyebrows.  Mind you, I am often awake at 3 a.m. but I use that time to read or design or to pray an extra rosary.  Otherwise I tend to zone out while watching infomercials that after awhile start to make sense.  At 3 in the morning a person can actually begin to believe that she NEEDS a new vacuum cleaner, hair-removal system, skin care line, hair curler, upholstery patcher, or veggie slicer/dicer/masher/cutter/trimmer.

Not only all of that, until Kate actually steps out of the limousine, there is nothing interesting to see.  Like a lot of other women and fashion-avid men, I am excited to see her wedding gown.  I hope it is something different than the standard fishtail, strapless, ball gown styles of recent years.  They have all begun to look the same.  

If I had designed the thing, I think I would have hearkened back to some medieval/romanesque styles.  A plain dress with long sleeves ending in points over the hands, a portrait neckline, cut on the bias to gently outline Kate's wonderful figure, but the dress would be made of something sumptuous.  Silk charmeuse, or taffeta, or dupioni would all work. Then for the church and photos, a long vest with a train hem, made of something altogether fabulous like a silk brocade, encrusted with gold and silver embroidery denoting the heraldic themes, and encrusted with pearls and sparkly things.  A standing collar to frame face would be a nice touch.  I would dress her hair in a simple chignon with her tiara and long court veil.   A jewelled medieval girdle would hang around her waist.  Rather than a bouquet, I would have her carry a garland of white and cream flowers.

However, I am not the designer so I guess we shall just have to wait!  O lackaday and forsooth, wouldst that I could beam my images into the heads of the designers!  Why on earth the world doesn't ask for my input is quite beyond me.

On another note altogether, the boy baby ratties are growing like little furry weeds.  Raoul is getting chubby and glossy; Mortimer is slender and wiry, but seems quite fine for all that.  The two of them have developed a taste for human companionship and like to be picked up and stroked or cuddled.  They are smart, curious, lively, and affectionate.  I'm waiting for a book on How To Train Your Rat  from Amazon.  I have a feeling that it will involve treats and patience which will work for Raoul because he will eat anything, but Mortimer cannot be bought.  He has standards and lines across which he shall not go.  The only thing he will take from our fingers is a bit of carrot.  He will not take yogurt, treats, popcorn, cracker, or any other rattly treat.  What on earth shall I use to entice him?  I can't just keep giving him carrots.  He would poop himself into a decline, and he hasn't any extra weight to spare.  I guess I shall see when the book gets here.

In other news:  there has been very little biking weather this month.  The few times during the last two weeks that would have worked, I was either busy doing something else, or asleep.  Maybe this weekend will be good for some riding.  Not today though - it is doing this, AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

So, until tomorrow then.  I'm thinking that perhaps I should really get dressed up and wear a hat or something while I am watching the highlights.  A glass of sherry by my side would not be amiss.

I am praying for the young couple, that their wedding day is wonderful and that they have a good, loving, fulfilling life together.  May it be so!

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