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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Watch Out City!

Ready to rumble
And she's off.  I've been out on the bike about four times now and each time gets a shade easier.  I discovered the reason that steering in a straight line is so hard.  I had a white-knuckled death grip on the handle bars so I had to consciously relax a bit and everything is now much easier.

So far it has just been around the neighborhood.  Studly is sure that were I to get on a traffic-laden roadway that someone would sneak up on me and honk, thus causing me to topple over into the path of an oncoming semi.  It is so sweet of him to worry.  However, I'm not ready to joust with traffic yet.  The nag and I need more gentle practice.

It is such fun.  Yesterday was my first day all alone and I managed to get back alive and put the bike away with no help.  We live in an apartment building and I have to fuss a bit to store the thing.  I hope the rumour of extended parking and an iron tie up rail is true.  There are a couple gentlemen with bicycles here too.

I also removed the battery and brought it upstairs in a grocery cart to top up the charge.  That thing weighs a LOT.  My upper body strength should improve once I get some feeling back into my shoulders and biceps and upper back.

Today the rain is falling and so I am not riding, and since the weather is planning on sucking all weekend it will be Monday before I'm out again.  That's okay.  My body needs time to get over the shock I've given it.

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