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I am a Compassionate Companion Of Christ. We are a tiny new order of men and women who pour themselves out in the service of others by walking with them in their difficult journeys. We companion anyone at all, anywhere, who are undergoing the suffering of illness, dying, bereavement, poverty, old age, or hunger. Our job is to see Christ in the suffering and to offer love, dignity, and help where possible in His name. We strive to let them know that they are children of God and that He is with them always regardless of external circumstances. How we do this is the purpose of this blog. Our symbol is the compass, the first part of the word "compassion" and the visible representation of our vocation to serve wherever and whoever we are called to serve.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Has this ever happened to anybody else? I was reading along at a favourite funny blog that always makes me laugh out loud and smack right in the middle of a particularly funny post the blogger came out with a line that showed she is totally okay with killing pre- born babies. Yeah I know – she didn't say that precisely, she called it 'abortion', but the result is the same. A dead baby.

Now I don't know what to do. Do I keep reading this blog? Because she really is hilarious and has one of the most originally skewed ways of looking at the world around her and translating it all into very funny prose. Now I discover that she is upset that some people want to make a woman see a sonogram of her baby before an abortion.  I don't see a problem with this because if you really don't believe it is actually a baby then why be unwilling to look right at it?

Upon reading this, my brain did a major SPLORT. A splort, for those of you who don't know is like a face-palm, only with more squishing.
Semi-squishy face-palm
I have no idea if it is actually a word. It's just what my brain did and I am merely reporting the facts ma'am. My brain is in such a state of splort that I am in a quandry.

Should I rub her blog off of my bookmark list? Should I keep reading and laughing and just pray for her salvation? Should I spend a lot more time at Adoration considering my own sins rather than this one of hers? Should I consider creating a dictionary of terms that I make up?

This is your brain

This is your brain on SPLORT.

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