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Monday, 25 July 2011

Good Intentions Paving Co.

The road to you-know-where is paved with good intentions, so it goes.  Understand now that this means good intentions that were never accomplished.  

For the past week I have had about six or seven different great ideas for a post, but didn't sit down to flesh them out and now they have flown into the land of 'nevermore'.  They are gone, done, over, air-biscuits, space vapour.  

This all leaves me with a guilty conscience and an empty blog.  Oh dear.  Oh my.  Oh dang.

Quick!  Look at this!!!
I mean YOU!  
That should distract you from my failures.  Speaking of iguanas and I believe that I am, there was once a female iguana named "Inga" at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls Canada, and she was a big gorgeous gal who hung around at the top of a very tall palm tree.  Apparently the Parks Commission had gotten her a husband who did not meet with her approval, and so she dispatched him.  I guess she was no fan of arranged marriages.  At any rate, on our last trip down to see Studly's family, we went to the Conservatory and I couldn't find Inga anywhere.  An attendant told us that she had passed away, a virgin queen to the end.

How sad.  There were however, more butterflies and more beautiful foliage representing many different biospheres and the visit was totally worth it even without the iguana.  I made friends with a butterfly who hopped onto my hand and acted like a ring.  It refused to leave so I just told it to make itself t'home and enjoy the ride.  Eventually of course it flitted off to whatever it is that butterflies do, but I can tell you that I was mighty honoured to be singled out by the lovely creature.  

Not that it made up for lack of Inga, but then, nothing possibly could.  I hope you are in a great iguana paradise Inga.  May there be loads of fruit and some decent guys for you!

All of which is to say - "Hey look!  A post!"

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