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Friday, 1 July 2011

NOW I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

Guess what? We just bought a new bed! It isn't here yet but will be in another week.
Why you may ask? You likely think it is because our old bed is a dead, deflated, squooshed, sad hulk of debris. You are wrong. There is nothing at all wrong with our bed. We just bought it five years ago and we paid a lot of money for it. It is a top-of-the-line mattress and box spring with individually pocketed coils and all that sort of thing.  It is supposed to last for twenty years and so far, so good.

It has one problem. I can't sleep very well on it and I wake up sore and crippled every morning. Some Fibros have this trouble. We can be very 'Princess and the Pea' when it comes to our sleeping situations. For instance, I can feel every single spring in this thing and I am jostled awake every time Studly does something inconsiderate, like breathe, or roll over, or move his feet. I lie there in the dark with my legs, hips, back, pelvis, shoulders, arms, neck and head all burning with pain and each tiny movement of Studly's is magnified to ramming strength. 
So, I get up and take more medication, and then read, or knit, or write, or visit the ratties. Eventually I will become so exhausted that I will try to sleep again. Sometimes it works. Oftentimes, it does not.

The upshot is that I researched a lot of beds, and by a lot, I mean just about every bed made on this planet. Of course, I instantly ruled out anything stiff and unyielding, or anything soft and non-supportive. This included planks, feather-beds, straw, floors, rope frames, slatted supports, and most mattresses. Anything with coils was out. The remainder consisted of memory foam, Tempurpedic™, and those dial a number air type beds.

Memory foam by itself is lovely but after a bit one gets so hot that it seems as though menopause has started up again. I don't trust the pick a number ones. This left Tempurpedic™. In fact, the one we picked is the Tempurpedic Cloud™. This lovely mattress doesn't make one hot (according to the sales information – I'll see what happens after a few weeks), lovingly cradles my fussy bones and tissues, and in short, feels like a veritable heaven on earth. I didn't want to get up and leave the store.
Oh brave new world that has such items in it! (I beg pardon of Aldous Huxley)

I guess if these things are good enough for the astronauts, then I am certainly willing to give one a shot. There is a twenty year warranty and the store gives me sixty days to decide if it is comfortable. They will pick it up and replace it with my choice of other mattress should I be unhappy with it. I can't imagine this, unless somehow I wind up with a defective one. Don't laugh. If it does occasionally happen, you can bet the farm on my winding up with one of them. However, I am confident that all will be well.

Our very nice bed that we have presently will go to a couple who could really use a good bed and that makes me feel good.

Just one more week and I will be floating on my own cloud. Oh this is going to be so very wonderful.  Dare I dream of a full night's restful sleep?  Could it really happen?
Stay tuned.

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