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I am a Compassionate Companion Of Christ. We are a tiny new order of men and women who pour themselves out in the service of others by walking with them in their difficult journeys. We companion anyone at all, anywhere, who are undergoing the suffering of illness, dying, bereavement, poverty, old age, or hunger. Our job is to see Christ in the suffering and to offer love, dignity, and help where possible in His name. We strive to let them know that they are children of God and that He is with them always regardless of external circumstances. How we do this is the purpose of this blog. Our symbol is the compass, the first part of the word "compassion" and the visible representation of our vocation to serve wherever and whoever we are called to serve.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Pangs of Creation

So there I was griping away about how much my head and neck hurt and how sick and tired I was about being sick and tired, when BOOM! Inspiration struck.

This happens to me so often you would think that I would learn to appreciate it, wouldn't you? Hah. However, the truth is that illness and pain although they seem to be my constant companions any more, always bring along a little hostess gift when they come a-calling, or when they come to stay for a long visit.
Ready for our closeup Mr. DM!

Today the gift was three ideas for the Birby books that have been simmering away on the back brain burner for months, finally came into focus. There they were, imprinted on my mind complete with plot lines, outlines, and images of the illustrations I'll want to make. There was even a danged good idea of how to go about self-publishing them using things commonly found around the home. At least, I can use things commonly found around the city!

For example, my computer is a close partner in this endeavour. Computers and word processors are wonderful things. Desktop publishing just gets better and better and, combined with a digital camera, it is nothing short of miraculous the things one can accomplish.

On that note, what is it I hope to accomplish with these books? Well, I can't give too much away, but the long and short of it is that the central concept is that we cannot allow ourselves to ever use a handicap as an excuse to not try, or to not do. We have been given the creative impulse from the Creator Himself. We can think outside the box, to use an overworked phrase. We can imagine, create, and solve our way around obstacles.

Specifically I'm thinking of the young ones who have functioning forms of Autism, who can learn to use the necessary tools to make their way in the world. A young man of my acquaintance is the inspiration for these stories and one of our honorary grandsons is the other catalyst. In fact, young man number one will be a sort of collaborator on the books. His wacky imagination is what started the whole chain of ideas to cooking.

Once again, a condition, or illness, or dysfunction or whatever, has presented a gift. I'm beginning to firmly believe that those who consider themselves unlucky are really only blind. We can open our eyes and recognize that bad luck is standing there with something awfully good hiding right inside it's pocket. We just need to look for it.

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