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Thursday, 11 August 2011

AT Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

After 20 years of sitting on everything from old dining chairs, to inappropriate faux vintage things, and in the process cutting off all the circulation in my legs, we finally made the huge decision to purchase a proper office/desk chair while they are on sale at Staples.  

We found a really comfy one for hardly any bucks at all, and since we got such a great deal we actually forked over the cash for a desk with a keyboard tray.  Be still my heart!
Here it is!
Studly put everything together when we got home and omigosh, my FEET touch flat on the FLOOR!!! And my arms are at the correct height for typing.  And there is lumbar support and a head rest. It adjusts all over the place and it pivots and leans and does everything except do the actual typing.  Maybe you had better wake up now my heart.

So, let us recap 2011 so far.  We have purchased and all I might add for cash that we have squirreled away: a comfortable couch, a Tempurpedic bed (with which I am seriously in love), and now a comfortable office chair and properly configured computer desk.

Has anybody else noticed that as one grows older one grows ever more demanding of comfort?  It can't just be me.

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