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Friday, 10 June 2011

Make It So - Redux

A few more things are added to the growing pile of things going to an art festival in the summer.  First up is a dress and hat combo.  The dress is made in such a way that as the little girl grows it can become a tunic, then a top.   Who knows what will happen with the hat?

 Next up are three of the many kids' hats I design and knit.  Each is unique, and I seem unable to make the same exact one twice.  Knitting/attention deficit syndrome????
A posy hat
Plum Pudding
Hat With Lizard and Toadstool Topping
Now for what the well-dressed frog will wear.  The frog doll was a bargain bin find at Ikea.  Her little dress was ripped so I made her new clothing. What do you mean, how do I know it's a girl frog?

Finally, here is a mess of small pictures; a couple of paintings and some icon/collages.

I love doing the work getting ready for shows, but I detest the transporting and setting up.  It is a royal pain.

However, there is no gain without some pain.  Last year I sold a few collages and a couple of paintings but ran right out of Birbies and hats.  Who knows what the going thing will be this year or if there will be any disposable income out there earmarked for original design and hand-making?  We shall see.   In the meantime I keep working away.

There are a number of things in the works now.  The painting muse has been nagging me so it will soon be time to haul out the canvases, tarps, and paint.  In addition, there are hip belts and Turkish vests to make and embellish for dance classes.

The table in the living room that I use to hold whatever I am working on is starting to get that cluttered and chaotic look.  It's time to finish a few things before I begin another, but I always get a great idea when I'm working on something else!

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